10 Most Ridiculous High School Rules, According To Jamaicans

Some people say their high school years were the best years of their lives.

Others, however, describe their high school years as quite restrictive as principals made rules that students dared not question at the risk of being punished.

Loop News asked some readers to think about the most ridiculous rules they had to obey in high school.

They said that although many years had passed, these rules still made no sense to them.

There was a no physical contact rule where boys couldn’t hug girls. And there was this other rule which was total rubbish where if you get involved in a fight it’s an automatic suspension even if you didn’t provoke the fight or even fight back says Anwar he went to a co-ed school ..

  • Hair accessories cannot match school uniform colors

We couldn’t wear accessories of the same color as our uniforms in our hair because apparently the color was too garish. I still don’t understand but we had to join or it’s possible detention says Crystal, she attended a mixed school.

  • Boys hair should be cut low

Your hair had to be very very low and cut evenly, otherwise they cut it themselves with scissors. If you had “pretty hair”, you were off the hook, says Kavaugh, he went to an all-boys school.

  • Girls couldn’t wear Chinese bumps or afros

Mixed or “pretty hair” girls could wear their hair up, but black students were not allowed to wear afros, or Chinese bumps, the typical black hairstyle. We weren’t even allowed to use styling gel in our hair. And if you break that rule, you’ll either be sent home or sent to the bathroom to change it, says J ess, she attended a school for girls.

  • Only black hair color is allowed for black children

Only black hair was allowed for black children. My hair is a naturally red color in the sun and I’ve been accused of dying it so many times no matter how much I showed them that my arm hair in the sun was also red, says Joelle, who attended a mixed school.

  • No colored schoolbags

My school had so many useless rules. We couldn’t carry colorful schoolbags or wear colorful watches. Our school shoes shouldn’t have buckles, and we couldn’t go to supermarkets or even restaurants in our uniforms unless accompanied by a parent, says Dena, who attended an all-girls school.

  • Do not use the stairs near the staff room

There was a stair step that led to the main staff room that students were not allowed to use. In addition, rubber bands in the hair have been banned, says Imani, she attended a school for girls.

We had to wear our socks two inches above our ankles and our skirts 4 inches below the knee, says Shanice, who attended a mixed school.

  • Ride only on state-owned buses

We were not allowed to take robot taxis or buses only in our state owned uniformed buses. We were also not allowed to enter places of business wearing our uniforms. So you might be hungry and not be able to stop to buy a pancake while wearing school uniform. They say it makes you look common and ordinary, say Michala, who attended an all-girls school.

No suede shoes may be worn. I’ve always been a Clarks man, so that rule never made sense to me, says Rio, he went to an all-boys school.

Martha K. Merrill