A 6-year-old elementary student brings a loaded gun to school in Newark, New Jersey

NEWARK, N.J. (WABC) — A 6-year-old elementary school student in New Jersey brought a loaded handgun to school Monday, police said.

It happened at North Star Academy West Side Park Elementary School in Newark.

Newark Public Safety Director Brian O’Hara said police responded to the 18th Avenue school just after 10 a.m. when a 6-year-old child was in possession of a call. a loaded handgun.

‘Today we had an incident where a child had a loaded firearm in a school – luckily a responsible person reported it, the police were able to respond and the gun was recovered,’ said the Newark Public Safety Director Brian O’Hara.

They say a teacher saw the gun and took it away before anyone was hurt.

Police secured the handgun and school administrators notified the child’s guardian.

Frightened parents picked up their children from primary school.

“I’m horrified, basically trying to hold back my tears,” one parent said.

They were horrified by the news that a 6-year-old child had brought a loaded gun to school and was showing it to his classmates as if it were a show.

There is no information yet on the origin of the loaded weapon.

“The firearm must be secured, unloaded, and ammunition must be separated from the firearm,” O’Hara said.

Several parents focused on the parents of the 6-year-old.

“That’s something that shouldn’t even need to be said, especially with kids around and kids at home – it’s that you’re an adult,” parent Kayron Townes said. “It’s 100% irresponsible.”

School officials had yet to comment Monday afternoon.

The parents were emailed a letter stating that a firearm had been brought to school. They all say they are not angry with the child, but more worried about the parents, and were so happy a teacher stepped in to remove him.

The incident is still under investigation.
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