A student at Guilford High School said he had a gun on the bus, a school official said

GUILFORD — Police were notified after a student at Guilford High School said he had a gun as he boarded a bus after school on Thursday, according to a school official.

As students boarded the bus after school on Thursday, a student yelled that he had a gun, Guilford High School Principal Julia Chaffe said in an email to parents on Friday evening.

The bus driver called an administrator and the administrators removed the student from the bus. Officials also notified police of the incident and said law enforcement followed the student and his family. Police are also continuing to speak to students who were on the bus at the time, according to Chaffe.

Chaffe later clarified to a parent that the student did not actually have a gun.

“At no time were the students in danger, and we have no indication that there was any real threat,” she said in the email. “School administrators have addressed the incident with the student and his family to ensure that all GHS students remain safe.”

The Guilford Police Department, Chaffe or school officials were not immediately available to respond to comments Friday evening.

Chaffe advised parents to talk to their children about “the serious nature of jokes about guns or gun violence.”

If a student is concerned that someone might threaten themselves or the school community, Chaffe asked them to report it to an administrator or a Gingras school resource officer. Gingras can be reached from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday at [email protected]

Anonymous reports can also be made through the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System at www.SandyHookePromise.org/Say-Something-Tips.

“As always, the safety of our students is our top priority,” Chaffe said.

Martha K. Merrill