A student volunteer from North Olmsted Secondary School makes new friends at the senior center

NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio — A new, younger face is currently welcoming visitors to the North Olmsted Senior Center.

As part of North Olmsted High School’s Social Involvement Through Education and Service (SITES) program, senior Morgan Berry works morning reception at the senior center.

“I really enjoy volunteering at the senior center,” Berry, 18, said. “It gave me the opportunity to see a part of the community that I didn’t know much about before.

The student added that being on the grounds of the North Olmsted Community Park allows her to “understand the community through the perspectives of different generations”.

The center’s senior administrator, Tiffany Hunt, said Berry had been very helpful in the office, not only preparing flyers for the newsletters, but also hosting lunches and hosting members.

Berry has been very active in the community lately. Before visiting the senior center, she spent her time at Pine Middle School working in a class with behavioral challenges.

“She said she wanted to work with all different generations, so she’s covering the elderly here,” Hunt said. “They really enjoyed seeing his friendly face and having a youngster here.

“A lot of our seniors aren’t always with the younger population, so they can see someone who is hard-working and kind.”

Considering Berry’s college plans may involve studying marketing at the University of Cincinnati or Bowling Green State University, Hunt said she connected the student with healthcare providers. local seniors to get an overview of the area.

Regarding the senior center’s involvement with SITES, Hunt said it’s been a few years — mostly due to COVID — since they sent a student.

Nonetheless, seniors love having Berry around for computing needs or to help out with communal meals.

“She is very friendly and very helpful,” said Liz Sweo, 72, a member of the center for the elderly. “She did a task for me and did a wonderful job.

“She does everything that is asked of her with a smile. It’s nice to have a younger person around. It makes us feel younger.

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Martha K. Merrill