Arthur Hill high school student charged with threat of terrorism | criminality

SAGINAW, Mich. (WJRT) — A teenager faces up to 20 years in prison, accused of uttering a threat at Arthur Hill High School in Saginaw.

The alleged incident first broke out on Friday.

Police say a teacher overheard the student in class on Thursday afternoon saying he was going to bring a gun to school.

According to police, he made the threat during class and a teacher overheard it and informed school administrators.

It’s another indication of the schools’ response to the deadly Oxford school shooting in November and how seriously investigators are taking any threats.

It’s safe to say that safety is always a priority, but school administrators have had to deal with the COVID pandemic and now that some of those restrictions have been lifted, a safety expert says safety plans are underway of update.

Cody Lampley, 18, was arrested today for making a false statement or threatening terrorism.

It was Thursday in Arthur Hill during the seventh hour when police say he was heard going to pick up some friends and bring a gun to school and “air it out”.

A teacher heard the statement, told school administrators who called the police and now Lampley faces that terrorism charge.

“He shows no priors, but this is a serious 20-year felony, the court is not going to establish a personal recognizance,” Saginaw County District Court Judge David Hoffman said during of today’s indictment.

Tom Mynsberge is a school safety expert and credits police and prosecutors with holding accountable anyone who threatens a school.

“They let them know the ramifications for just, even if you think they’re not serious, we have to protect, we have to be right once 100% of the time,” Mynsberge says.

Lampley is originally from Wayne County and as a ward of the state lives here at Holy Cross Children’s Services in Saginaw.

According to the police, he had no weapon when he was arrested.

Mynsberge also sees schools reviewing their safety plans in recent weeks.

“It was kind of a wake-up call when Oxford happened, so all these schools are reinvesting in their plans, they’re updating them,” he says.

Lampley’s bail was set at $20,000, 10 percent, but by late afternoon he was still in the Saginaw County Jail.

Martha K. Merrill