Back-to-school rules are back |

*Do not park inside or over a designated crosswalk.

*Do not pass a stopped vehicle that allows pedestrians to cross the street.

Weller says there are a lot of rural students in this district who take the bus to and from school and there are safety rules about that as well.

“Our rural bus system is really important. So when the school bus lights are flashing and the stop sign is off, stop in both distractions. It’s really important. This is one of the biggest complaints we hear at the start of the year and throughout the year.

Resumption of classes without any restrictions from the provincial health office and that’s fine, says the president of the Prince George District Teachers Association, for teachers in the classrooms.

“There really isn’t a special protocol in place,” says Daryl Beauregard, president of the Prince George District Teachers’ Association. “And I know that in our district, it is recommended that you do not come to school if you are sick. With anything. It’s normal. Wash your hands and if people want to wear a mask, they will be supported. But it is not compulsory. »

For many, it’s one of the most exciting times of the year, as kids reunite with friends they may not have seen in all summer. But let’s all be aware of the traffic ways from now on.

Martha K. Merrill