College boy battles would-be kidnapper in Wallingford

An investigation is underway after an attempted kidnapping of a college student Wednesday afternoon in Seattle.

Hamilton International Middle School principal Dorian Manza sent parents a letter informing them that an unknown adult had attempted to abduct a student near the school.

The incident happened around 2:50 p.m. near North 42nd Street and the Wallingford neighborhood tennis courts.

Seattle police told the school the student was walking home from school through Wallingford Park when the person ‘came out from behind some bushes’ and asked the student if he wanted to be driven back to the home.

After the student said “no”, the person grabbed the student with both hands.

Police say the student fought back, escaped and fled the scene.

In the letter, Manza said the student’s family called the police.

The person was not seen again and the police are investigating.

The suspect was described as an older, possibly burly male.

“In addition to the police investigation into this incident, I want you to know that the school district safety and security team are aware and will be increasing their presence at school tomorrow and possibly Friday or later. “said Manza.

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Martha K. Merrill