Connecticut AG Launches Investigation into School Administrator’s Alleged Anti-Catholic Discrimination

Connecticut Attorney General William Tong announced Wednesday that he is launching an investigation into a case of alleged religious discrimination in hiring by a Greenwich public school administrator.

Undercover video captured by Project Veritas showed Cos Cob Elementary School vice-principal Jeremy Boland admitting to rejecting teacher candidates who espouse Catholic or conservative views, while favoring younger candidates who are more willing to indoctrinate students into a progressive worldview.

The superintendent said last week that Boland had been placed on administrative leave pending a district investigation into his conduct.

“Discrimination, hatred, bigotry against any person and against any religion or on the basis of age or otherwise, is reprehensible and reprehensible. This video is disturbing, and if teachers, school staff or candidates for education jobs have been unlawfully discriminated against for any reason, I will take action,” Tong said at a press conference on Thursday.

Tong said he is relying on his civil rights enforcement authority to determine whether unlawful discrimination has occurred. He said he “doesn’t play politics” with students and schools and promised to conduct the investigation “properly and according to our standard regulatory procedure”.

The Connecticut chapter of the National Education Association, the nation’s largest teachers’ union, took a defensive stance after the scandal broke, urging its district leaders to block ‘unchecked’ reporters asking about the incident.

“We have been alerted that Project Veritas has dropped a hit track using an administrator in Greenwich. Although a teacher has not been used (so far), the narrative is about hiring liberal teachers to indoctrinate students, so it’s not kind to educators,” said Kate Dias, president of the Connecticut Education Association.

The video was broadcast throughout the state’s educational apparatus.

“You don’t hire them,” Boland said of the Catholics in the secretly taped conversation with a Project Veritas reporter. “Because if someone is brought up as a pure Catholicism, it’s like being brainwashed. You can never change their mindset. So when you ask them to consider something new, like a new opportunity, or “you have to think about it differently,” they get stuck, just rigid. »

Greenwich School Board Republican Joe Kelly said he interpreted Boland’s remarks as targeting like-minded officials.

“I am Catholic, not practicing, but I am Catholic. I am old, I am 59 years old. From what we saw in this video, I wouldn’t qualify to work at Cos Cob School because I’m too old for that and I’m a Republican. So I guess the most damning comments he had were all against me,” he told the WFSB.

Connecticut Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal also urged further scrutiny of the episode, according to the WFSB. “There needs to be a credible investigation, the school board has started it, but the attorney general may well have a necessary role,” he said.

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