Corporate high school student tackled by administrator

COMPANY, Alabama (WDHN) — A video circulating on Facebook shows an Enterprise High School administrator pinning a student to the ground and holding her for almost a minute.

The student is Gwen Smith, Grade 11, and her mother spoke on behalf of her daughter.

“The video was the culmination of the events of what happened over the past few weeks,” Gwen’s mother Bernadette Smith said. “Gwen had been bullied by several kids at school.”

Gwen claims she was bullied through social media and also on campus.

On the day the video was taken, she says she received more threats from them, even after meeting with school counselors about the bullying.

Gwen texted her mom saying a girl was trying to “jump” her.

“I got a text from my daughter saying ‘mom, get me out of class, these girls are trying to beat me up’,” Bernadette said.

But according to Bernadette Smith, the children never fought.

“There was no fight,” Bernadette said. “There was no altercation. Nothing physical happened except he took her to the ground.

Bernadette says her daughter told her the school administrator said Gwen was disrespecting her, and that’s when he decided to act, but she and her daughter are not disagree.

Meanwhile, Enterprise City Schools released a statement saying:

“This video does not show the circumstances surrounding or leading to this unfortunate incident. After a thorough investigation, the actions taken by the EHS Administrator were appropriate in the circumstances. »

Statement from Enterprise City School Superintendent Dr. Zel Thomas

Bernadette says she just wants what she thinks is right for her daughter.

“I think he (the administrator) needs to apologize and admit he went too far,” Bernadette said. “I think his suspension and alternative school sentence should be overturned.”

Bernadette Smith has applied to appear before the Enterprise School Board on February 22 in hopes of having her daughter’s sentence overturned. Stick with WDHN as this story develops.

Martha K. Merrill