Father finds video of Baker High School student hurling insults at son, says school never contacted him

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – A Mobile dad is looking for answers after his son was seen in a racially targeted viral Facebook video by another Baker High School student.

Brandon Baker is the father of the child seen in the viral video. He said he and his son found out about the incident on social media when the message was sent to him.

In the video recorded by another student, Baker’s son is seen leaving a lunch table after another student hurled anti-black and anti-gay slurs, calling his son ‘gay a** not *****”.

After seeing the video, Baker was angry and disappointed that the school had not alerted him to the incident first.

“When I saw the video, it hurt my son, it hurt me,” Baker said. “It affected the community in the wrong way. Me as a parent, his grandmother was called. The administrator, the principal did not call us at all. The way we found out, the parents , came from Facebook, and we were angry.

The incident didn’t hurt him, it just upset him, it upset his son as well. Baker said his son didn’t know he was being taped, so he saw the video on social media at the same time as his father.

“Right now the way it was affecting my son,” Baker said. “He didn’t want to go to school. He was crying. I prayed for him. I told him it was a wicked world.

According to Baker, the student who called out his son’s slurs has been suspended. Rena Philips, spokesperson for Mobile County Public Schools, provided WKRG News 5 with a statement that reads:

“I can’t comment on anything specifically as it involves minors. But we handled it in accordance with our student code of conduct.

After the video gained a lot of traction on Facebook, Baker says he received great support from community members. He encourages other children who have been discriminated against at school to share their stories.

“I want everyone to stand up,” Baker said. “Talk about it. Share it. Join the community.

Baker is unhappy with the consequence given to the other student. He wants the other student expelled. Currently, he is considering placing his son in another school.

Martha K. Merrill