Former charter high school student sued over 2018 off-campus shooting

A student who, along with a teacher, was injured in 2018 after being hit by gunfire across from CHAMPS Charter High School of the Arts in Van Nuys is suing the school for negligence.

Harper Maloney, 18, filed a lawsuit Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, seeking unspecified damages. He had gone off-campus for lunch, which was permitted by school administration, before the shooting happened, the lawsuit says.

“As (Maloney) was returning to campus, he was struck by a bullet fired by a third party and seriously injured,” the lawsuit states.

“As a result of the shooting and the inability to protect and serve their students, (Maloney) required emergency treatment for his physical injuries and suffered emotional distress,” the lawsuit states.

A representative for CHAMPS did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The shooting of Maloney and the teacher was reported around 12:10 a.m. on Sept. 20, 2018, near a Jack in the Box in the 6800 block of Van Nuys Boulevard, police previously said.

School staff “had reason to be aware of criminal activity and unsafe conditions near/around the premises and they had an obligation to take reasonable security measures to protect students on or near of the CHAMPS campus, the suit says.

Maloney, then a junior, was released to a relative later in the day, according to the LAFD.

Martha K. Merrill