Former Pullman man who shot and killed Pullman High school student Tim Reeves in 2017 faces probation violations including possession of firearms | Local

PULLMAN — The former Pullman resident who shot and killed Pullman High School student Tim Reeves on a camping trip 5 years ago is facing multiple probation violations, including possession of a firearm.

Keagan Tennant, 22, pleaded guilty to manslaughter, aggravated assault, concealment of evidence and robbery for shooting death. Tennant shot and killed Reeves as the teenagers engaged in gun battles at a campsite near Troy in July 2017. Tennant, then Matthew McKetta, then 17, hid the body and fled to the center -north Washington after stealing a vehicle at gunpoint in Moscow.

The case was originally handled by former Latah County Second District Court Judge John Stegner, who is now an Idaho State Supreme Court Justice. Judge Stegner sentenced Tennant in 2018 when he was still 17 with a mixed sentence that included 20 years probation and a possible 30 years in prison. Tennant began his sentence by spending about a year in a juvenile detention center. He was later placed in a halfway house-style program for juvenile offenders by current Latah County Second District Court Judge John Judge in 2019. This move was requested by Tennant and the Department of Human Services. Idaho Juvenile Corrections Department over objections from Latah County District Attorney Bill Thompson.

Tennant now faces 6 probation violations, including a recent conviction for being a felon in possession of a firearm. A probation violation warrant was issued for his arrest last fall in southern Idaho. His probation officer in Boise discovered that Tennant had moved from his residence in Boise, stopped working, and stopped paying his fines. Boise police found Tennant at a pizza place and took him into custody on warrant in late November. They found a gun and marijuana in his backpack. Tennant pleaded guilty to the felony of unlawful possession of firearms and was sentenced last week in Ada County District Court in southern Idaho.

Tennant has since been transferred to the Latah County Sheriff’s Jail in Moscow on a local arrest warrant for the probation violations. He is due back in court on the 19th. If convicted of the probation violations, he faces up to 30 years in prison.

Martha K. Merrill