Former West Michigan school administrator took more than $900,000 from district, police say

GRAND HAVEN, MI – The former assistant superintendent of Grand Haven Schools stole more than $900,000 from the district, using fake bills for a power company to siphon off cash over the years, detectives say in court documents.

Brian Keith Wheeler, 56, is charged with misappropriation of over $100,000 and using a computer to commit a crime.

Detectives described the evidence they had against Wheeler during his testimony for a warrant against him.

School administrators realized at some point that money was missing from a bond involving funds intended for the district’s technology department.

An investigation showed that Wheeler created fake invoices for a company called Infinity Electric, which did not exist, for amounts of approximately $7,000 for each invoice. He would then receive checks from the District’s “Accounts Payable” department under the guise that he was personally taking them to Infinity Electric.

Police said the money was usually deposited in a PNC bank account. He would then use a money transfer app to transfer the money from the PNC account.

Detectives, in testimony, alleged he had embezzled more than $900,000 from the district since 2014.

It was not immediately clear what Wheeler did with the money.

Detectives said Wheeler recently admitted to his wife that he stole money from the district and had been doing so for “an indefinite time”.

Martha K. Merrill