Georgia school administrator thinks elementary school student’s ‘Gay is OK’ illustration is like flying a swastika

A Georgia elementary school administrator compared a student’s rainbow artwork with the saying “Gay is OK” to the Nazi flag. The work has been removed from a classroom wall.

The hill:

When a teacher questioned the decision, an administrator compared the hanging of the drawing to hanging the flag of Nazi Germany in the classroom, according to a group of parents who witnessed the interaction , NBC affiliate WXIA-TV 11 reported this week.

Some parents of students at Oglethorpe Avenue Elementary say the incident is not isolated and that school officials have for years exemplified behavior that could be construed as sexist or xenophobic.

“There are ongoing complaints about this current administration that has been discriminatory against women, discriminatory against LGBTQ people, discriminatory against English language learners or emerging bilinguals, emerging speakers multilingual and Spanish,” Jemelleh Coes, a parent and professor at the University of Georgia, told WXIA-TV. “So we’ve seen a pattern of inequity in our school and we’ve been asking for support at this point for years.”

“Nothing has been done and that’s part of the problem and that’s why we’re finally at a place like this. Enough is enough,” Coes said.

If they accurately taught the holocaust in Republican states, we might not have these problems. Perhaps have the administrator read Maus?

Martha K. Merrill