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Utah PTA Outstanding Administrator of the Year Award recipient Lance Robins with the 2021-2022 Heritage Elementary School PTA Board of Trustees.

NIBLEY—The school hallways were filled with cheers and laughter as the intercom above announced the news that Heritage Elementary School Principal Lance Robins has been named the School’s Outstanding School Administrator Utah PTA 2022.

“He could never have been better,” said fourth-year HES student Nick Welker. “He’s the best manager I can imagine having.”

The award recognizes administrators who have an incredible impact on the students they work with at the elementary or secondary level.

PTA Treasurer Kendal Welker Says Robins HES PTA appointed Robins because he is friendly and strives to build rapport with students.

“As I have worked with him over the years, his greatest thing is to have a relationship with children“, Welker said. “When children have a relationship with a teacher or, you know an adult, they are more likely to succeed and do well.

To nominate Robins, an application and essay was submitted to the Utah PTA to learn more about the positive impact Robins has had on HES students.

Heritage Elementary School’s mascot thinks Principal Lance Robins is cool.

HES students say Robins is someone they can count on.

“He’s epic,” said HES sixth-grader Tyson Bragg. “He’s the kind of person who really holds you up when you’re feeling down.”

HES sixth-year student Caleb Holmes and fourth-year student Annie Holmes both agree that he is nice.

“He is… caring and he has a good heart,” Annie said.

Caleb said Robins was someone he trusted and went with when he was bullied at school.

“He’s very sweet,” Caleb said. “When people bully at school, he helps me.”

Robins said receiving the award was very humbling and said he was happy to hear students trust him and see him as someone they can rely on.

“That’s how it should be,” Robins said. “Children must be able to count on someone and they must be able to count on their parents and grandparents. If I’m one of them, then I’m very lucky. That’s what it’s like to be a teacher.

Welker said Robins has been a positive addition to the school and he needs to stay to continue making an impact on students and teachers.

“He’s just amazing for the school,” Welker said. “He defends our children. He also defends teachers.”

Robins said he was surprised by the award and thanks the PTA, students and parents for allowing him to receive the award.

“They are the best kids, the best parents, the best community,” Robins said. “I’m lucky. The best kids in the world.

Martha K. Merrill