Herts and Essex High School alumnus Safron Huntly, who works at Stansted, is part of the family parachute jump for Isabel Hospice in memory of mum

A fundraising family with a head for heights has raised almost £2,000 for Isabel Hospice.

Safron Huntly, his father John Morris and his brother Ross were among 12 skydivers who took to the skies to support the charity during its latest tandem skydive event.

The trio signed up for the challenge in memory of his wife and mum Geraldine Morris, who died in March 2020. The March 6 event fell on what would have been Geraldine’s 66th birthday, and was the day before her second birthday of his death.

Saffron Huntly, John Morris and Ross Morris during their parachute jump (55541224)

The 64-year-old receptionist was cared for by Isabel Hospice during her battle with small intestine cancer. Geraldine spent around a month in Isabel’s inpatient unit while the team of doctors and specialist nurses helped her with the pain and other distressing symptoms she was experiencing as a result of her illness. .

Safron, a former pupil at Herts and Essex High School, said: “Mum needed pain management as we were all unsure of the right routine for when to take her pills and how much, and she started wondering if she had taken them in. That’s when the Hospice helped us.

“She stayed in the inpatient unit in December 2019 and was there for about four weeks. During that time they were just excellent. They helped her with her pain and were amazing when I came to see her with my 12-year-old.

Geraldine Morris (55541226)
Geraldine Morris (55541226)

“Everyone was so accommodating. And mum enjoyed her time there because there was no question of being sick. The nurses would talk to her about her life, her nails or her perfume. They also gave her a glass of sherry, which she was very happy with!”

Safron, a human resources administrator who works at Stansted, said she signed up for the skydive after receiving an email from Isabel’s fundraising team: “Due to the date , I just told my family we have to do it!” she says. “We had raised funds in 2020 for the Hospice by doing a bike ride, so it was really great to be able to raise funds again, and this time do something much more daring!

“I was so excited – we all were – and I wasn’t really scared about it to be honest, just excitement. The date made it so much more important too.

“Mum would probably have said that dad was too old, and in fact she was afraid to fly, so she would have said that we were all mad! We almost couldn’t make it because of the weather, but it got better. is cleared up at the last minute, so mom was watching for sure.”

Saffron Huntly, John Morris and Ross Morris (55541222)
Saffron Huntly, John Morris and Ross Morris (55541222)

Together, Safron, 32, site manager Ross, 33, and plumber John, 67, raised £1,880.

Lindsay Hunter, Isabel fundraiser, said: “We would like to thank Safron and her family, and all of our mars skydivers, for taking to the skies to benefit Isabel Hospice. Skydiving is one of our challenges popular fundraising events and we have a number of slots available by June 30th for those brave enough to take the leap, so if like Safron, you’d like to take the leap of a lifetime and help us to continue to care for those who rely on Isabel’s specialist support, we would love to hear from you.”

To register or find details of all of Isabel’s fundraising opportunities, see www.isabelhospice.org.uk/events. You can also email [email protected] or call 01707 382500 option 4 to find out more.

Martha K. Merrill