High school student thinks there’s nothing funny about his prank: Mayfield Police Blotter


Threatening: Wilson Mills Road

A Mayfield Heights boy, 15, pranked his brother and friends on February 11, but it resulted in his arrest. He texted them from a fake phone number and told his brother that he and others would be shot in high school at the end of the school day.

The recipients reported the matter to administration and officers responded to the school at the end of the day. Before the boy surrendered and admitted his actions, a level of panic and chaos had already set in at the school.

The boy was later taken to a county group home and will be charged with inciting panic and aggravating the threat.

Fraud: South Woodlane Drive

A resident said Feb. 8 that he was scammed out of money buying orchestra tickets on a website. He said the tickets appeared to be $91 but his credit card was charged $381 each.

He has since contested the charge and the incident is under investigation.

Hardware damage: beta drive

A company reported Feb. 14 that a truck driver caused damage to a dock by backing into his truck. Staff said the man claims he did not hit the dock.

Officers responded, but the driver and the company eventually agreed to settle the matter between themselves.

Property damage: SOM Center Road

Deacon’s employees reported Feb. 11 that a tractor-trailer cut the edge of their building and caused minor damage.

It was discovered that two bricks had been knocked down from the building and the company said the matter would be dealt with without police assistance.

Drug Possession: Brigham Road

Officers followed a vehicle to Gates Mills on February 9 to carry out a traffic stop for speeding and illegal overtaking. The driver was found to have an active warrant for a probation violation.

He seemed nervous, so a snort of K-9 was ordered and led to the discovery of cocaine under the driver’s seat. The South Euclid man, 36, admitted he belonged to him and he was later cited for driving under suspension and other traffic offences. He was turned over to county deputies and drug charges are pending lab results.

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Martha K. Merrill