Lexington High School student charged with making a bomb threat on the third day of school | Colombia News

LEXINGTON – A high school student faces bomb threat charges after texting another student saying he had an explosive in his school bag on August 18, the third day back to school after the holidays of summer.

According to Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon, the Lexington High School student sent a photo of a random bag of books and messaged another student saying a bomb was inside. Deputies questioned the teenager, whose name has not been released as he is a minor under the age of 17, and said he had no explosives on hand.

High school principal Ryan Pool wrote an email to parents saying the student was joking and no weapon was found.

“Yesterday a student used AirDrop from a phone to anonymously send a prank image to another student’s phone,” the principal wrote to parents. “As we expect our students to do, the student who received the photo immediately took it to an administrator who then worked with resource officers to determine the source of the prank.”

Pool said that while the post was intended as a joke, all safety issues are taken seriously and the student has been suspended, pending an expulsion hearing, and faces criminal charges.

“Students who endanger the safety of their classmates or our staff will face the heaviest consequences from the school and law enforcement partners,” Pool wrote.

Lexington County School District 1 has a system for students to make reports to police anonymously, according to public information officer Adam Myrick of the sheriff’s department. The two school resource officers assigned to Lexington High School handle student tipping.

The student has since been released and will appear in Lexington County Family Court at a later date, according to the sheriff’s department.

“Senseless and criminal disruption like this will not be tolerated,” Koon said in a statement. “Students are there to learn and we will protect them and make sure everyone on campus stays safe.”

Martha K. Merrill