Littleton High School student accused of allegedly groping four girls on campus, ‘shocked’ parent allowed to return after five-day suspension

A student at Littleton High School allegedly sexually assaulted four teenage girls on campus in January. Although police said he admitted to it and was filmed, along with five charges of unwanted sexual contact for the incidents, CBS4 Investigates learned the alleged perpetrator was only suspended for five days and had been allowed to return to the same school attended by the victims.

One of the victims, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals, said the whole ordeal had been traumatic. She feels that her school administration did not take this seriously.

“I felt like the punishment really didn’t fit the crime,” the victim, a 15-year-old student at Littleton High School, told CBS4 Investigates.


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She says the last four months of school this school year have been the hardest of her life, after she said she was groped out of the blue in January by an older student she did not know.

“I was walking out of the library, when this random guy that I had never seen before, cornered me in the hallway, then grabbed my breast very aggressively, and I was standing there and looking at him and he just chuckled in my face and ran the other way,” the student recalled. “I was very horrified and surprised. At school, I always felt this sense of security. Like there was so much security, but I never thought that could happen, and in such a public hallway as a busy place. It seems so strange.

According to a Littleton police report obtained by CBS4 Investigates, the same boy allegedly groped three other girls on campus during the same week. One of the girls he allegedly grabbed twice, totaling five different incidents.

The police report says the student suspect admitted it, telling police, “he wanted to know what her breasts looked like, so he grabbed them.”

According to the report, when police asked how he caught him, he replied “quite loudly”.

The police report also says he groped another girl, because “he wanted to see what her butt looked like, so he grabbed her.”

Police also wrote, “he didn’t know why he did it, other than it felt good.”

When asked about a third victim, the report shows he told police, “he wanted to know what a woman’s breasts looked like and he didn’t know how to feel a woman’s breasts, so he told her. caught”.

According to the police, some of the incidents were caught on school surveillance cameras.

He was charged with five counts of “sexual contact without consent” – a misdemeanor.

One of the victims’ mothers told CBS4 Investigates that the school had suspended the boy for five days and that when he returned to school, he would be monitored.

“I was just like there’s no way anyone could do that five times to four girls that he’d ever come back. I was just sure we have an alternative high school, there’s a online school, there’s homeschooling, something like that. They’ll make him find another option for school. I didn’t think he’d come back,” the mother said. I was really shocked and I expressed my concern to the school staff…I said, ‘I’m afraid this will happen again to my daughter, I’m really afraid it will happen to other people’. I understand he supervised, but it might just take a day that someone is out or not with him for a minute… He’ll be a senior, he’ll have a whole other year, with access to hundreds of girls. It’s a real concern.”

The mother, who also did not want to be identified, says the school told her that even a restraining order would not prevent the student from coming to school, that the school would simply arrange his schedule to that he does not come into contact with the victims.

“I expected maybe he would be deported,” the mother told CBS4 Investigates. “I was really surprised that there was only one day per count of each of the sexual assaults. So the fact that he touched my daughter was just a day off school and that is the same for all the other girls. I couldn’t believe it’s been five days and he’s back. It’s more like a slap on the wrist.”

Littleton Public Schools policies state that sexual harassment “will not be tolerated” and that the school district has the power to expel a student accused of sexual abuse, but this is ultimately at the discretion of school administrators. the school to determine the severity of the punishment.

The mom who spoke to CBS4 wants to see more systemic policy change.

“I feel like maybe we need to have a better policy,” she said. “I feel like how many girls is too many girls? I mean, he assaulted four girls five times in total. I don’t understand how he can come back. You know, once, that’s is too much, but certainly five times he can’t be in school.”

A 15-year-old student from Littleton High School spoke to CBS4 Investigates after she said she was sexually assaulted on campus by an older student she did not know. The student asked that her identity be withheld, for fear of reprisals.

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Littleton Public Schools declined an interview, but said they responded “quickly and appropriately” to student behavior issues. The district also says it has mental health experts available to students.

But the victim says she didn’t feel safe with the school’s response to the incident.

“I think they should have more of a system in place, more rules,” she said. “I felt like they weren’t really prepared for this to happen, and I feel like they should be punished more if it were to happen again.”

She won’t be coming back in August, but will be going to another school instead, but she’s worried about any other girls at Littleton High School who might come into contact with the boy she says has changed her life for still.

“I feel a little better that I won’t be in the same building as him, just kind of like a fresh start, but I still don’t think I’ll feel completely comfortable at school again,” she said.

The district attorney said a pretrial conference hearing in the case is scheduled for July 21 in juvenile court.

State data shows it was the first reported crime of sexual violence in Littleton public schools in at least three years.

According to the state Department of Education, reported violations of the student code of conduct have dropped significantly in public schools across the state. There were 117,500 in 2019, and only 30,597 in 2021.

But reported incidents of sexual violence in schools across the state are beginning to account for a higher percentage of these crimes. Only 0.04% of student problems were sexual violence in 2019. In 2021, it rose to 0.12%.

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