Missoula high school student charged with criminal intimidation

On February 25, 2022, the School Resource Officer assigned to Big Sky High School was alerted to a credible threat of violence made on social media by a current student. This student was detained at Big Sky High School by SRO Hollis on the spot. Officer Hollis received information regarding a credible threat of school violence made on social media by student Parker Abbott. Lydia Arnold, Police Public Information Officer, explains.

“Abbott was arrested minutes after Officer Hollis received the information,” Arnold said. “The prompt actions of law enforcement and school administration ensured the safety of students, teachers and staff. At this time, there is no risk to the public or any information that anyone else was involved.

According to Arnold, other law enforcement agencies were involved in the investigation.

“During preliminary interviews, Parker stated that he had homicidal thoughts and had access to weapons to carry out his thoughts of school violence,” Arnold said. “Parker is charged with criminal intimidation. The Missoula Police Department appreciates our law enforcement partners who assisted in the arrest and investigation. The safety of our schools is paramount. Please report any activity suspicious endangering the safety of our school.

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