Mother of suspended Chrisland School student, 10, speaks (video)

The mother of the 10-year-old Chrisland School scholar, who was suspended for allegedly spearheading the truth or dare game with his peers in Dubai, has come out to speak and demand justice.

In a video posted online by Ubi Franklin on Monday, April 18, the distraught mother said about a month ago that she received a call from Ms. Georgia Azike, the principal of Chrisland VGC School, who said they had need to see her.

She said she was already leaving Lagos when she got the call and two days later went to her daughter’s school where she met Ms Azike and two other officials .

The mother of the suspended student said Ms Azike told her that her daughter in their care was caught kissing another boy and it was discovered that they got the kissing game from “Truth and Dare”.

The distraught mum said Ms Azike told her what they wanted her to do was get back the phone she had given her daughter so she wouldn’t continue kissing.

She said one of the school officials, Ms Kemi, who was also present at the meeting, urged her not to tell her husband about the kissing incident as it was not all that what wives should tell their husbands.

“I said no problem. As long as it’s just kisses, I’ll warn my daughter. So I left them. I heard nothing more from them.

The girl was going to school. I thought everything was fine. It was only after two to three weeks that we had the conversation, Ms. Azike, the manager sent me a link that she wanted us to have a zoom meeting at 5pm. I said I was going to join them. said the distraught mother.

She said she had a meeting with some people including the school board where one of them started talking to her about forgiveness.

“We had the meeting.

“There were a lot of people, boards of directors. I even asked them what’s your name? Can you introduce yourself?

“One of them said his name was Akin. The Akin was the person leading the meeting. He started by saying that if there is no sin, there can be no forgiveness. He spoke in parables.

“At one point I had to yell ‘what are you talking about? what are you discussing?’ He has now said they just wanted to follow up to make sure I removed Juliann’s phone and to check on how Juliann is doing. I said Juliann was fine, but he has now made a comment. He said “when it happened”. I said ‘Sir, what happened? He said Juliann didn’t tell you? I said no Juliann didn’t tell me anything.

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I yelled at them, “Tell me what? Juliann has something happened? Juliann said no”. I said okay, as it is now, I don’t even know what you’re talking about, but if it stretches more than that, my husband would definitely know. The way you call me, I’m not comfortable with that. At the end, we ended the meeting and left. They didn’t tell me anything. I went there alone” she said

Juliann’s mother said she received a call from another parent of a student at the school who informed her of what had happened to her daughter.

“The next day a parent called me after we had this zoom meeting..the next day she needed to see, it was very very urgent. So I had to go to her house. When I’m got home she said something was trending in Chrisland that I’m not even aware of, she told them she doesn’t think I know about this incident.

“The woman has now called me and told me to watch this video. Discover the trends in Chrisland. All parents are aware.

So I immediately informed my husband. We started calling Ms. Azike. She refused to take his call. I called her over 20 times she didn’t answer the call but later I think she spoke with my husband and told him she had no idea if such a thing existed . That’s how I started beating my daughter, why would that happen? What is going on?

“While we were beating her, the girl now said Mommy please can I talk to you? She said Chrisland, Ms. Azike threatened her not to talk. She told how it happened How they abandoned them in a hotel, how the school left them, and how she got into what’s happening now.

The distraught mother said school authorities had all this time sent delegates from their head office to have meetings with her 10-year-old daughter without her consent or knowledge.

“They came for meetings, sending delegates from their headquarters to have meetings with my daughter without my consent.

I did not know.

We weren’t informed.

Please I am begging Nigerians to help me. Help me because Chrisland was trying to hide this problem. They were trying to get us out of the way and my daughter was going into sin psychologically. I beg my fellow Nigerians to help me. she says

Speaking further, she said:

“As a mother and the role Chrisland played in covering up this rape issue… On Mother’s Day I was in school.

“We were all there, not knowing that they had other delegates who were coming to question my daughter. As soon as we finished this Mother’s Day, I left and they took my daughter away to interrogate her without my consent.

“Second, they threatened my daughter that if she speaks they will kill her, that this is a man’s world. Let her shut up and don’t tell me and my daughter would die in silence, I didn’t know that. Every day when she goes to school, I will force her, I will tell her to get out, to get out. This child will not want to go to school.

“Even her class teacher, Mr. Timothy, called her ‘dumb girl, useless girl’ among other kids.

“Help me please. They took this girl to go for a pregnancy test without me or the father knowing and lied to us saying they were taking her for a COVID test. took me almost three times for COVID test. Please is it possible? Do they use blood samples for COVID test? Do they use urine for COVID test? Didn’t know, no until this thing happened.

“To top it all off, because we started confronting them and started telling them that we are aware of what happened, they have now sent him a suspension letter”

She said when she asked her daughter how she was allegedly raped, she said:

“My daughter said they went out in the morning to have breakfast and one of the boys, Kachi, begged her to borrow her phone charger.

So she gave the charger to Kachi.

“Then later that evening after having dinner, the Kachi now called her room to come and get her charger.

“So she went to get the charger on the spot.

“When she arrived they opened the door and one of them asked her to take her charger from the toilet. It was when she entered the toilet that they now turned her away and said to drink a substance.

“So they were all high on drugs and after that she didn’t know what she was doing.

“That’s what she told me and they told her to climb them and someone got up and filmed them and posted it”

Watch the video below.

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