Muri reminds parents of school rules

A week after an incident at Permian High School where a student purchased a 9mm handgun on campus, Ector County ISD Superintendent Scott Muri is asking parents and guardians to review the items that students can and cannot bring to school.

The 15-year-old suspect was arrested and charged with Places Weapons Prohibited, which is a state crime.

“Moms and dads, we encourage you to discuss with your children which items are allowed to be brought to school and which are not. We also ask our parents to have conversations with their children on basic school rules,” Muri said during her media call on Wednesday.

“We have a code of conduct for students and it is important that our family members go through this code of conduct with the children to ensure that the children know and understand the behavioral expectations we have for them while they are in our school environment,” Muri added.

He said ECIDD also encourages parents to talk to their children about saying something when they see something.

“I must really congratulate our students and staff members currently at CISSD. When our people, our students and our staff see something, they say something. They say to a teacher; they tell an administrator; they tell a law enforcement officer. This helps us keep our children safe during the school day, as well as that of our staff. We would like to invite our parents to have these conversations with the children just to remind them that when they see something that makes them uncomfortable or dangerous in the school environment, they don’t keep it to themselves; say something and report,” what they see to a teacher or administrator, Muri said.

If you wish to remain anonymous, ECIDD has a “great relationship” with Crime Stoppers, which allows students, staff or parents to remain anonymous.

“You can text; you can send them an e-mail; you can call them. All of these forms of communication remain anonymous. We have Crime Stoppers posters located on every ECIDD campus. We also have their information on the ECIDD website. By working with our students, staff, family and community members, we will ensure that our children remain safe at all times while on school campus. And again, we are doing things as a school system to make sure everyone is safe. It takes all of us working together to 100% ensure that our children stay safe throughout the school day…” Muri said.

He added that there was no new information about the incident. Muri said the investigation is ongoing.

The next step in the process from the school district‘s perspective is that PHS administrators will conduct an investigation and make a recommendation to the principal. Muri said the principal will make a recommendation to the district on what should happen to this student.

“Then we will follow the code of conduct. In the state of Texas, there are specific parameters when a student brings a gun to campus. The state of Texas really does pretty narrowly define the consequences for these students. So we follow our student code of conduct when we provide consequences for that particular person,” Muri said.

The Code of Conduct is available on the ECIDD website and in print in English and Spanish.

He added that safety and security will continue to be a conversation that ECIDD has as a system.

“We should be constantly talking about ways to improve the environment for our children and if there are things we can do organizationally to improve, we will definitely take those steps,” Muri said.

He added that the police had made an after action report.

“…I have read this and spoken with our officers…(and) I have truly commended the students and staff at Permian for the outstanding manner in which they have handled this situation,” said Muri said.

He added that the district greatly appreciates the law enforcement who responded on August 26.

“We had OPD; we had the UTPB; we had the Odessa College; our own police force, as well as the DPS on site, so great coordination from all the officers,” Muri said.

The police were due to meet this week to debrief the situation and talk about communication, tactics and everything else, and the possibility of making improvements.

On another point, Muri said the Labor Day holiday is Monday, so there is no school and there is an early release day next week for our students.

The schedule is available on the district website at

Asked about the change in leadership at Midland ISD, Superintendent Angelica Ramsey being named the only finalist for Fort Worth ISD Superintendent’s position.

Muri said he congratulated Ramsey.

“I know Midland ISD is very sad to see her go. She was a great leader in our community and (I) enjoyed being her colleague in the Permian Basin. I wish him good luck and know that the community of Fort Worth…has a great superintendent coming. She will serve them very well,” Muri said.

Martha K. Merrill