My School Rules Fields 2022

I can’t remember the last time I was in an elementary school until Friday when I joined Robert John & Associates and compadres from our sister station WKDQ in presenting a check for $1000 to the school Sturgis Primary.

Melissa Mauser; Cloth

Melissa Mauser; Cloth

Many things have changed, but some certainly have not changed. I will say this…the kids at Sturgis Elementary are great kids and lined up and stopped talking when asked. By the way, the “high five” works like a charm, if you know what I mean. They didn’t use it when we were kids, and they should have. But Principal Blaine Hunter, with the help of his terrific staff, brought all the kids together for an exciting presentation.

Melissa Mauser/Townsquare Media

Melissa Mauser/Townsquare Media

Once again, WBKR has partnered with Robert John & Associates to present a prize to the paying school – the school that received the most votes by the September 6 deadline.

Last year’s champion was Mary Carrico Catholic School in Philpot, and here’s how the presentation went:

Every school within a 100 mile radius of Evansville is eligible to receive votes and, man, did we get a ton of votes. Here’s who finished the 2022 Top Five:


The My School Rules contest started in 2018 and Whitesville Elementary School came out on top as the big winner. And, what do you know, they won it again in 2019. Unfortunately, COVID canceled the 2020 contest.

But he came back in 2021 and made it a fun Friday again in 2022, thanks to all the kids and the great staff at Sturgis Elementary School.

Melissa Mauser/Townsquare Media; Cloth

Melissa Mauser/Townsquare Media; Cloth

This contest is a multi-station contest. (WBKR, WKDQ, WJLT, WGBF-FM, WGBF-AM, WOMI, WDKS) Voting is conducted through a third-party voting platform Crowdsignal and is not controlled by Townsquare Media employees. The award is provided by Robert John & Associates Law Offices of Evansville. All taxes are the responsibility of the winning party. * School must be within 100 miles of Evansville, IN. In the event of a tie, Townsquare Media staff will select a winner at random. ALL TOWNSQUARE MEDIA CONTEST RULES APPLY.


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Martha K. Merrill