New Bearden teachers point to school culture and tradition as reasons for wanting to join staff – The Bark

Bearden welcomes a total of 38 new teachers for the 2022-23 school year.

With so many schools in Knox County, why Bearden? What sets West Knoxville school apart from others?

Second-grade English teacher Ms Ashleigh Griswold was an intern at Bearden when the pandemic hit. She got a job at another school, but soon realized how much she missed the Bearden community.

“Bearden High School has a community of students and teachers that makes it feel like you have endless support in every direction you look,” Ms. Griswold said. “Every one of your colleagues and administrators wants you to be absolutely the best you can be.”

Bearden’s supportive community is visible throughout the school – not just in the classroom, but on the field, field, stage and throughout the administration. These aspects are seen throughout the county, which is the main factor that attracts new employees to Bearden.

“The school has been around for a long time, they have an established community,” said coach Jay Whinery, a physical education teacher and assistant football coach. “There are a ton of former students, a ton of people around, who still love Bearden High School.

“I saw this from the outside by looking inside. And now when you get here, you can feel that there is [is] something special about the place because of that.”

When offered the opportunity to come to Bearden, he knew he couldn’t refuse the offer because he knew his own goals and virtues aligned with those of Bearden.

“If you give me the opportunity to be awesome, I’m going to take that,” Coach Winery said.

Martha K. Merrill