New data confirms COVID school rules were a disaster

Even more evidence has come to light showing that our COVID school closures and blended learning were an absolute disaster.

Analysis by analytics firm Renaissance Learning of national K-12 test results shows students are suffering. Nearly 40% of students in New York City and across America fell below math benchmarks for the 2021-2022 school year. Half fell below the reading benchmarks.

A quarter of those below the math benchmark scored badly enough to require intervention; an eighth, for needing “urgent” intervention. In reading, a third of children below average need intervention, and more than one in six needs urgent intervention.

And those numbers represent a decline in both matters, state and national, from the previous year — so the trend here is also bad.

For younger students, the picture is even bleaker: Half of students entering first grade this year were reading below expectations, compared to 28% before the pandemic.

This follows similarly dire reports showing the worst reading outcomes concentrated among the most vulnerable groups. According to that earlier data, only 37% of black first-graders were “on track” to read in 2021, down from 51% in 2019, with Hispanics dropping from 54% to 42%.

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control just moved a group of important developmental milestones for children in later life. (Almost as if the agency was trying to cover up the massive damage caused by these policies.)

The study found that half of students entering first grade read at a level below expectations.
Christopher Sadowski

All of this happened, remember, because teachers’ unions and fearmongering public health bureaucrats demanded that schools remain closed after the first precautionary lockdowns, long after it was objectively clear that reopening would be safe, and that schools did reopen safely in areas where union power is weak.

The children must be in school. They need teachers, friends and physical lessons. And no future COVID wave will be a reason to close again.

Anyone who says otherwise – teacher, educrat, politico or whatever – is serving someone else’s interests.

Martha K. Merrill