Nobre: ​​Proud to be a student of Shea High School | Letters to the Editor

As a student at Shea High School, I have something to say.

I am sorry that you had to deal with the disrespect of the students who crossed your path during those few days or weeks that you replaced. Pawtucket is our home, generations have loved and lived here, and for you to pretend you wish your sons weren’t raised here is a shame. I saw a multitude of cultures, shared between the differences. Smiles from all over the country, and a stranger coming to judge us is not welcome.

You quoted: “I made the offhand remark that they looked like animals in a zoo and should probably be in cages.”

You are a tyrant. And I hate bullies. We are not animals, we are smart, beautiful people, all uniquely built and raised differently. Disrespect was never allowed in my home, and I bet most of us were raised to respect adults. I respect my teachers, my administration, and anyone willing to come to Shea and be part of our family even if it’s for the day.

Some students are sometimes out of control, but even then they should never be considered animals or be associated with or placed in cages. I won’t allow you to belittle my classmates and friends just to give your opinion to the public.

Something I learned from going to public schools in Pawtucket is that the kids will say it like that. And I’m telling you, our administration would never dare to label us as animals that need to be caged, or inmates in an asylum. You need to get your facts straight, before these animals that you claim us to be show you the creative, powerful, free-spirited, genuine minds that this establishment pushes us to use every day.

To our teachers, we love you, you are not weak and I appreciate all you do for all the students to make sure they learn something useful for tomorrow.

Sincerely, Catherine, proud student of Shea High School.

Martha K. Merrill