Parents want to end Nilai boarding school’s ‘bullying culture’ among students

NILAI: Parents of students who were allegedly molested by their elders at a religious boarding school here have called on school officials to end what they call a culture of bullying.

Ahmad Fauzi Md Sood, 50, a father-of-one, said drastic action was needed as the “tradition of bullying” was worsening at school and was seen as normal.

“My son was the victim of a bullying incident which happened two days ago at 11pm in a boys hostel room where fourth graders beat up second graders,” said he said at a press conference here on Monday, May 16.

Ahmad Fauzi said the parents learned of the incident from their children and not from the school administration.

He said his son was injured in the leg after being hit with a broom, an iron bar and a piece of wood by two fourth graders.

He said his son was traumatized and short of breath from the beatings, and it affected his studies.

Nur Azmi Mohd Nor, 44, the father of another victim, said his son also suffered the same effects from the alleged attack.

“The school seems indifferent and insensitive to this issue as they were trying to settle it quietly without discussing it with the parents concerned,” he said.

Nur Azmi said that so far seven reports have been filed by the parents of the affected students, all of whom are boys.

On Sunday, May 15, Nilai District Police Chief Superintendent Mohd Fazley Ab Rahman said police received reports from three second-year students at a religious boarding school in Nilai who claimed they had been assaulted by their elders. – Bernama

Martha K. Merrill