Police: Florida high school student brought loaded gun to campus

The student was reportedly charged with possession of a firearm on school property.

TAMPA, Florida— Tampa Police say a Blake High School student was arrested for bringing a loaded gun to campus on Wednesday.

Several students have been reprimanded by school staff after they were caught hanging from a stairwell, which is not allowed, police say.

The students were then taken to the administration office and their backpacks searched.

One of the students, however, refused to have his backpack searched and an administrator called the teen’s mother, authorities said.

The mother went to school and looked in the student’s backpack in front of an administrator, TPD said in a news release.

Law enforcement says she found nothing suspicious, but when an administrator conducted another search of the backpack, they opened a pencil case and found a loaded gun.

The school’s resource officer was reportedly called into the office to secure the weapon.

“It is incredibly concerning that another student not only got his hands on a loaded firearm, but carelessly chose to bring it with him to school,” said Tampa Police Chief Mary O’Connor, in a statement. “Addressing this issue should be a community effort. Parents, don’t be afraid to search your child’s room, backpack or cell phones to make sure they are making good decisions. It is your responsibility to do so for the safety of your child and others.As always, we continue to urge students to speak up if they think a classmate or friend might have a weapon.

The student was arrested and charged with possession of a firearm on school property.

Martha K. Merrill