Roseville Recognizes Its Middle School Student Leaders

Roseville Community Schools Board of Education President Theresa Genest, left, and Assistant Superintendent of Instruction and Curriculum David Rice, right, were among several school officials who acknowledged the middle school student leaders at the April 18 school board meeting. Here they are pictured with Alice Cooper, second from left, students at Eastland Middle School; Lyla Davies, third from left; Breanna Belden, third from right; and Justine Brun, second from right.

Genest, left, presents a certificate to Eastland National Junior Honor Society student leader Luke Cantrell.

Photo by Maria Allard


ROSEVILLE — High school students from Roseville Community Schools who are trying to improve their school communities in a variety of ways were recognized at the April 18 school board meeting.

During a presentation, students have been recognized by teachers or staff who sponsor their classes or clubs. Most, but not all, of the students were present. Family members were also present.

“Eastland Middle School and Roseville Middle School is much, much more than what happens in the classroom,” Eastland Middle School Principal Dennis Borse said. “The clubs, the activities, the sports, the music program, all of those things are just as important to the college experience. I am truly proud to recognize these children and their outstanding achievements.

Eastland Middle School harmony and choir teacher Gary Hill honored advanced harmony students Breanna Belden, Justine Brun, Alice Cooper, Lyla Davis and Robert Duncan; students from the Brooklyn Comiska choir, Naomi Olivas and Kaylee Wiegand; and middle band members King Abrams, Aniya Barrett, Aniya Bulley, Kayla Eilers and Noah Ryan.

Taylor Riley, head of the Eastland National Honor Society, introduced student leader Luke Cantrell.

“It really is a great group of hard-working students,” Riley said. “They volunteer a lot of hours, either in our community or in theirs.”

Green Team Sponsor Shelly Jacobs presented student leaders Brun and Dream Whitfield for recognition.

“We recycle on Fridays, and we’re also responsible for helping spruce up the EMS property,” Jacobs said.

The Eastland Student Congress, sponsored by Becky Gardner, honored Ayana Allison, Brun, London Gavin, Katherine Haston, Vanessa Moreno, and Talandus Vickers.

Godmother Megan Szypula recognized Roseville Middle School band students Jax Baker, Lisa DeFour and Leilani Duhaylonsod and choir students Adam Penrod and Chloe Younce-Mead.

Adrienne Miller, who was not at the reunion, is the sponsor of the dance club at Roseville Middle School. Its student leaders include Chantelle Ball, Lynda Dryman and Quintaysia Pope. Roseville Middle School principal Monica Gabriel said the dance club practices twice a week.

“They have some really good routines in place. They happened in high school. They did a showcase with the high school dance team, and it was really awesome,” she said. “Kids have to maintain their grades. They must stay out of disciplinary trouble.

Miller is also the sponsor of the Pretty Brown Girl Club. Student Arianna Moore was recognized at the reunion. Gabriel said the Pretty Brown Girl Club is new this year and has around 20-25 members.

“We really felt the need to have a group specifically for our young women of color to talk about the importance of academics, relationships with each other, relationships with other adults in their lives, decision making positive,” said Gabriel.

WEB, which stands for “Where Everybody Belongs”, student representatives Adji Fall, Olivia Johansen and Younce-Mead were recognized by sponsors Cheryl Yuschak and Christine Norris. WEB students run tours for new students and also help new sixth-graders get acclimated to the building.


Martha K. Merrill