School principal injured in fight between students


La Fayette high school

An ambulance was called to Lafayette High School Friday to assess an administrator injured in a fight between two students, Fayette County Public Schools spokeswoman Lisa Deffendall said.

There was an altercation between two students during lunch in the cafeteria, Deffendall said. The fight was quickly contained, she said.

Lexington Police spokeswoman Hannah Sloan said Fayette County Public Schools Police have jurisdiction over all school property. The only times the Lexington Police Department responds to a call on school property would be if their help was requested or if they responded to a distress signal, she said.

“Today our officers responded to a distress call from FCPS Police shortly before noon. En route, the distress call was canceled,” Sloan said. “A few of our officers went to the school anyway to see if our help was needed. When they arrived on the scene, they were told that LPD’s help was no longer needed. We did not respond to the initial service call.

Deffendall said the administrator, whom she did not identify, is seeking follow-up care but was not transported by ambulance. She did not describe the state of the administrator.

It is not known whether either student has been charged.

“We cannot comment on student disciplinary matters,” Deffendall said.

On Friday afternoon, Principal Bryne Jacobs told families in a letter that there was an altercation between two students during the first lunch period on Friday.

“The fight was quickly contained and in no way disrupted the instruction,” he said.

“Normally, I wouldn’t send you a letter about a fight in the cafeteria,” Jacobs said. “However, one of our administrators was injured in today’s incident and we called an ambulance to assess his condition. Since the call for help went through the police scanner, he attracted media attention.

This story was originally published May 20, 2022 2:27 p.m.

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