School rules are rules | Letters

the EDITOR, Madam:

I do not believe the facts of the case were investigated in the Letter of the Day, dated May 3, 2022 – “When black hair goes against the rules”.

This is not a case of black hair against the rules. It was the hairstyle that broke the school rules. The problem of schools having a problem with a student’s hairstyle has nothing to do with the student’s ethnicity. Stick to the situation and stick to the facts. The writer mentioned Bogle and Nanny, but they were adults. We talk about children at school.

You would think the writer was speaking on behalf of black people, but I think very few black people would agree with what was said.

They are teenagers/school children. Schools have standards. Children are asked to respect the school rules, clearly explained before admission.

Naturally, the rules won’t meet with everyone’s approval, but educators have rounded them up as the most workable they could come up with.

Adults in Jamaica have a wide variety of fashions, male and female. The men buckle their pants around their buttocks. The women wear ripped jeans. Additionally, both men and women wear a wide range of “high” hairstyles, to name a few fashions.

These styles and fashions, and many other things, are not allowed in schools, and rightly so.

Cecil Beharry

Martha K. Merrill