South Florida officials are investigating the case of a college student who became unconscious after being jumped

School officials at South Florida investigate a case involving a seventh grade student who lost consciousness after being severely beaten by several students.

However, the students’ mother and anti-bullying activists say the school district is not doing enough.

The incident happened at Gulfstream Academy on Friday, April 1, when several students jumped on the girl. Cellphone video shows the girl’s hair being pulled and then assaulted on the ground.

The girl’s mother, Christine Neptune, said she was traumatized every time she watched the video. She said her daughter suffered an ankle injury and facial swelling and suffered from headaches. She claims that her two children are threatened because her son tried to help his sister. “My children are a little scared; they don’t want to go back to that school,” she said.

Gulfstream Academy has been dubbed a ‘school of gladiators’, says Eric Pettus, an anti-bullying advocate. Pettus, along with other anti-bullying activists and Neptune, met with the school’s principal on Wednesday to discuss a solution. Unfortunately the manager was not available.

Neptune said, “Every time I try to find answers, it’s like a dead end.”

Activist Crystal Foster wants to hold the school principal responsible for the incident.

“We want Mrs. Tarshé Freeman, the director of the Gulfstream Academy. . . we want it removed and we will fight until we get it removed,” Foster said.

According to a statement released by Broward County Public Schools, “The school staff immediately reacted and intervened. Emergency responders assessed a student at the school. No student was transported. The students responsible for the altercation received appropriate school disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct. »

Additionally, Neptune said she wants the students responsible for the video to be punished because sharing the clip only hurts her two children.

Martha K. Merrill