Student leaders from Taunton High School attend the Light Foundation Youth Leadership Conference

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Taunton High School students were among students from Brockton, Canton and Scituate High Schools chosen to attend the Light Foundation Youth Leadership Conference on May 26 at Bridgewater State University. (Photo courtesy of Taunton Public Schools)

TAUNTON – Superintendent John Cabral and Principal Scott Holcomb are pleased to announce that several students from Taunton High School had the opportunity to attend the Light Foundation Youth Leadership Conference last week.

The Light Foundation Youth Leadership Conference welcomed Massachusetts sophomores, juniors and seniors for a fun and engaging day of learning outside of the classroom on Thursday, May 26 at Bridgewater State University.

A total of 23 students from Taunton Secondary School were among the students from Brockton, Canton and Scituate Secondary Schools chosen to attend the conference. Each student at Taunton High School was recommended by a member of staff to attend the conference, and then these students were required to submit an essay addressing several leadership and wellbeing issues in order to be selected to attend.

The following Taunton High School students have been invited to attend: Sophomores Christian Ankrah, Christine Azor, Michaela Callahan, Condoleeza Dwuye, Chloe Fernandes, Zachary Gay, Ethan Harris, Joanna Labady, Bridget MacDougall, Braelyn Nichols, Jenna Pereira and Jose Touron; and juniors Sayla DePina, Sophie Hoye, Kayoni Jordan, Joey Kazlauskas, Peter Moor, Jakhai Nicholson, Caelen O’Leary, Jack Pawlowski, Xavier Sandoval, Conal Scully and Ava Venturelli. Also in attendance were Taunton Secondary School teachers Caitlin Dermody, Jesse MacPhail and William McGarrigle, who acted as chaperones.

The conference began with opening remarks from former New England Patriot and three-time Super Bowl champion Matt Light, Founder of the Light Foundation and President of BSU Fred Clark. The students then listened to a keynote address from three-time Emmy Award-winning journalist and NBC10 anchor Jackie Bruno. Bruno talked about finding your passion and having the courage to work hard and carry on in the face of setbacks and adversity.

“The Light Leadership Conference was very informative not only because of the leadership skills I learned, but also because of the people I came into contact with at other schools. I also met Jackie Bruno from NBC News, who was a highlight of my day. She’s a great speaker and I’m interested in writing and journalism,” Dwuye said.

After Bruno’s speech, students participated in a small group activity where they worked with students from other schools to discuss the pros and cons of social media. After that, the students took three workshops, including one led by TB12 trainers, and taught the students some of the stretching and nutrition practiced in the TB12 method. Another workshop was led by Light and focused on conversations about legacy and making a mark. The third workshop was led by the Executive Director of the BSU Wellness Center, Dr. Chris Frazer, and discussed the difference between sympathy and empathy.

After lunch, the conference ended with an opening speech by former basketball player and D1 musician Antoine Allen.

At the conference, Moor was one of four students in the conference to receive a soccer ball in recognition of his positive energy and enthusiasm shown throughout the day.

“The Light Leadership Conference was a great opportunity for me to step out of my comfort zone and work closely with students from other schools,” Nichols said. “The event incorporated many different aspects of leadership skills, social activities, intriguing speakers and much more, all of which caught my close attention all the time. It was truly the best conference I have ever attended. attended!

Jenifer Andrews, Academic and Professional Advisor, added, “We are extremely pleased that our students had the opportunity to learn more about leadership and the qualities needed to be a leader during the Light Leadership Conference the week We look forward to our students sharing what they learned at the conference with their peers at Taunton Secondary School and seeing the positive impact the lessons they learned will have on our student body.

BSU Director of Transportation and Taunton School Committee Member Dr. Greg DeMelo also stopped by to support the students and the event.


Martha K. Merrill