Students at high-end private school in New York protest ‘far-left faculty political bias’

A student at an upscale private school in New York said “extreme left-wing staff” pushed their political leanings on students and forced them to self-censor so as not to offend their teachers.

In an op-ed published in his school newspaper, Horace Mann senior Ryan Finlay criticized the $55,000 a year, saying teachers “defamed” conservative ideas and pressured students to embrace leftist thinking.

“Every non-progressive classmate I know self-censors in class during current events and political discussions,” Finlay wrote.

“Ultimately, self-censorship is driven by risk assessment: it’s not worth compromising academic excellence at HM [Horace Mann] for political discourse.

In his op-ed, published last week, Finlay claimed the Bronx school fostered a learning environment “hostile to those who do not subscribe to progressive politics.”

Finlay said he spoke to a faculty member who told him that teachers felt “compelled to open students‘ eyes to the inequality around them,” but when students speak out against these ideas, Finlay said they were “criticized for not acknowledging lived experiences”. others.’

Finlay noted, “Students who agree with these arguments have the school’s tacit authority to attack opposing beliefs on the basis of righteousness.”

‘As one student recently explained: ‘This indoctrination in moral protectionism starts early.’

“Back in the middle division, I remember being introduced to the equity vs equality diagram. The teachers made it clear that there were two systems: one that worked and one that didn’t'””

Finlay further stated that at least 35% of the student body is opposed to the school’s alleged policy.

“Many non-progressive HM students fear an administration that preaches independent thought while allowing and encouraging attacks on it,” he wrote.

“In the eyes of many students, the administration has effectively condoned the cancel culture by remaining silent on the issue.”

“For the moment, the conclusion of the students is: keep an eye on yourself and limit yourself; you are not safe.

“On the Road” author Jack Kerouac and “Golden Girl” Betty White, as well as former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer, are among prominent Horace Mann graduates.

The private school has previously been chastised for its ‘wake-up call’, with many criticizing it for threatening to expel pupils who disobeyed its masking mandate last December.

“There will be no debate about whether a prompt has been one, two or three times, whether you need to be told to wear your mask appropriately, you are spending two days at home, and if it happens a second time, you tell me HM is not the school for you,’ Horace Mann in the Bronx said in an email to parents.

The email was written in response to a series of incidents among the city’s elite private schools last year, in which parents berated the schools for trying to preach a racially-woke philosophy.

Harvey Goldman, a $43,000-a-year Heschel school dad on the Upper West Side, claimed he pulled his daughter out after discovering the ninth-grade student was schooled on his “white privilege.”

“First and foremost, neither I nor my child have ‘white privilege,’ and we don’t need to apologize for that,” Goldman said in an April 2021 letter to the school. “It’s disrespectful to suggest I do it. It’s child cruelty, not nurturing, to suggest to my nine-year-old daughter that she do it.

Bion Bartning, a parent at Riverdale Country School in the Bronx, was also so unhappy with the ideals taught there that he pulled his children out of the school at $54,000 a year.

Bartning then went further, establishing the Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism (FAIR) to combat what he sees as a dangerous new orthodoxy.

Bartning, who is Mexican and Yaqui on the one hand and Jewish on the other, was surprised when he learned that students were forced to define themselves as affluent or disadvantaged based on their skin color.

Bartning told the Post, “I don’t fit into any of those racing categories.” “I believe it is incorrect to teach children about these socially manufactured racial divisions.”

“It’s a toxic worldview that teaches young people to be dark and resentful rather than happy and grateful.” It goes against my whole morals, and I’m sure there are others who feel the same,” he added.

According to Bartning, the kids were even given color palettes that matched their skin tone to determine their level of wealth.

Paul Rossi, a teacher at Grace Church School, was fired in April after accusing the $57,000-a-year school of indoctrinating children.

Rossi was “relieved of his teaching duties”, according to a school official, because “many students asked to be removed from his class because of his unprofessional behavior and because he belittled them in the press”.

It happened when Rossi came forward because he could no longer remain silent as he “witnessed the harmful impact” of anti-racism education on young people.

He claims that George P. Davison, the school’s principal, has privately acknowledged that the school “demonizes white people because they are born.” This accusation was made in response to a letter from Davison that was reportedly circulating among the workers.

“You should know that Paul declined his contract and will not be returning in the fall,” according to Davison’s post.

“The well-being of our community is our first priority, and we take student concerns about a teacher’s professionalism very seriously.”

“It is obvious to me that Paul is no longer an effective teacher at Grace. I informed him that he would no longer be teaching and we had two support teachers take over his math sessions for the rest of the term.

“He has been asked not to enter the building unless prior arrangements have been made.”

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Martha K. Merrill