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Rows of pencils and notebooks line the walls of stores everywhere as summer draws to a close and the new school year begins.

I’m both excited to end this year on a high note, but already exhausted just from the thought of having to apply to colleges and universities.

Jackie Ruiz Rodriguez

I know students will agree that we have gotten a bit used to late nights and sleeping all day. It will definitely take me a few days to get back into the swing of things and stop procrastinating.

The student body at Grand Island Senior High has recently been hit with many new rules that many students find it difficult to follow and understand. I wanted to write about some of the concerns students have about this school year and explain them to interested readers.

This year the dress code has become stricter and our principals are determined to catch students who show too much skin. I never really understood why we have to have a dress code.

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I’ve seen many of my friends and classmates wondering if they can wear simple shorts that cover everything because they’re worried about having a dress code for not following the rules.

I understand how inappropriate wearing a bikini would be, but wearing simple shorts and having a dress code is a bit unfair.

The main students getting a dress code in school are girls to wear crop tops, shorts, skirts and dresses. These are everyday clothes for summer that are banned because other people think it’s a distraction for their learning.

Schools don’t always take into account that students don’t have everything the school deems appropriate in their closet. Bodies also come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, so clothing length may be different depending on who is wearing the item.

For example, two students are wearing the exact same pair of shorts, but one of the students has longer legs and therefore has a dress code, but the other student is fine.

Dress codes in general make it difficult for students to express themselves freely.

I believe we should wear appropriate clothes for school, but shouldn’t have to worry about wearing shorts or a crop top that we already have in our closets.

Another new rule that is being enforced in many schools is electronic passes.

E-Passes is an online application that allows the school to limit the number of students leaving the classroom at a time.

They help to know where the students are in the building and to ensure that they do not spend too much time outside of class. They usually set an automatic timer to make sure students don’t abuse their passes.

In our school, the number of passes is about 40, but since there are about 2,500 students, I think we should add more passes at a time so that more students can use the toilet and see the nurse without having to worry about not being able to go.

Teachers often teach their class and don’t pay attention to their computers, so students usually have to wait a long time before they can leave.

Eventually, I believe we will be able to adapt and this will become our new normal. I’ve seen a lot of students use them and they work great for some but not others.

They are a good addition to have for safety reasons and to ensure students get back to class without wandering off.

The last rule I want to mention is the freedom to roam certain lanes and only being able to use certain areas during open block times.

As a senior, it’s a bit upsetting that we weren’t allowed to sit at the tables that are set up outside the classrooms or outside the school offices, but I understand why they might not want us there.

There were freshmen and sophomores last year who skipped class and pretended to be juniors and seniors, so I understand why they want to have restrictions. It’s just sad to think that one person could ruin everything for the whole school.

There are students who feel more passionate about these rules, but I think it’s something we should talk about as a community.

Being able to make sure that the students in the school are safe is a good thing, but I think we have to come to an agreement that works for both the administrators and the students.

The best way to correct these misconceptions is to discuss them with students.

School may not seem like fun to a lot of high school students right now, but there are reasons why certain rules exist and over time I hope we start to realize that certain rules should and don’t. must not be respected.

The author, Jackie Ruiz-Rodriguez, is a senior at Grand Island Senior High School.

Martha K. Merrill