Uintah middle school principal apologizes after new school rules are announced

UINTAH, Utah — A college principal is apologizing for comments made on a video aimed at students at the school following problems on campus.

The video announcing the new school rules was shared every class session yesterday and posted online.

Parents who spoke with FOX 13 immediately responded saying the rules were too strict.

The video shows the following rules:

In the morning, grab your materials and go straight to class…make sure you have a book because you will be reading before the start of the 1st hour. No loitering in the hallways. Four-minute passing periods. go from class to locker in class too, IT’S TIME TO USE THE BATHROOM. There should be no wandering or stopping for everyone to get to class. and have lunch in your class. Conversational voices and NO CELL PHONES. When the bell rings to leave the school, you will quickly leave the building, unless you attend help-out sessions or have made arrangements with a teacher. When the bell rings to leave the school, you will leave the building quickly unless you attend counseling sessions or have made arrangements with a teacher.

Principal Nerdin sent the following letter on Thursday afternoon.

Main parents of UMS students:

I apologize for my hasty response to a series of security issues at Uintah College last week.

Looking back, I realize that in my hyper-focused efforts to keep our students safe, I neglected to communicate appropriately and in a timely manner with parents. I am a strong advocate for children and just wanted to make sure they felt safe going back to school on Wednesday. Clearly, I miscalculated.

As of this morning, we have lifted nearly all new restrictions except for four-minute transition periods and timely exiting the building after school.

Please know that I care deeply about our students and have their best interest at heart when making decisions. Uintah Middle School is a great place and I love that I can serve your children every day.

Watch the full video below:

New expectations at UMS

Martha K. Merrill