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TL Photo/ROBERT A. DEFRANK The Local Union Board of Education welcomes Sam Lucas, who has come out of retirement to take on the role of pro tem superintendent.

BELMONT — The local Union School District welcomed retired school administrator Sam Lucas of Barnesville, who took over as pro tem superintendent following the resignation of Ben Porter last week.

“It’s a different week, because I retired 13 years ago, and going back to everyday life has been different, but overall it’s a good situation because Union Local gave me my first start as an administrator”, Lucas said. “I was the director of Belmont and Bethesda, and I think I owe them that, to give them help when they really need it.”

He was director of Union Local from 1986 to 1990.

“I started my administrative career at Union Local, and I spent five years as a manager and after that I spent 20 years as a superintendent (at Barnesville) and I’ve been retired for 13 years. “, he said. “I’ve been at work for a week and it’s going well. It was a pretty quiet week. »

The district has many ongoing issues to consider, including improving student performance after the COVID-19 lockdowns.

“Focusing on going forward is just to see where the neighborhood really is and all of those aspects,” Lucas said. “I want to know what is happening in the district and assess what needs to be done.

Lucas also meets with parents, staff and students.

“I am a hands-on superintendent. A lot of people in the neighborhood already know me. I move around and see everyone as much as I can,” he said.

He said his leadership style focuses on encouraging teamwork.

“I believe that every district should be a team, and you should be a team leader of the whole district and involve as many people as possible to be team leaders,” Lucas said.

“I think the Union Local School District is a very good school district. They’re like a lot of other schools, they could use some improvement in the area of ​​student success, but overall it’s a great school district and a great place to send your kids,” he said.

“They approached me. I had no desire to return to superintendency, but I have the license and the experience, and thought I could help the district until they got a new superintendent,” Lucas said. “My primary goal is to help the local Union Board of Education find a high quality individual to become the next superintendent. … I’m proud to come back and serve (the district).

Board member Shaun Roe welcomed Lucas.

“We are really excited. We were blessed to bring in Mr. Lucas and serve as Acting Superintendent, and that comes from the bottom of my heart,” he said. “We couldn’t have asked for a more experienced person to come and replace us while we do our research. What’s really good is the board, having someone with their kind of experience here to give us some leeway to find the best person to take us forward.

He said Lucas has proven to be an outstanding administrator.

“I think he’s kind of on the pitch, and he’s getting to know us and what we’ve been doing for a number of years here, and so far it’s been great. We appreciate his presence here,” said Roe.

Treasurer Janet Hissrich agreed.

“Mr. Lucas is doing an outstanding job. He is a highly respected superintendent in our region, and we appreciate his willingness to return and serve as acting superintendent while we search for a successor to Mr. Porter,” said Hissrich. “Mr. Porter has had a very positive impact on the education process here at the Union Local, and we are very grateful for all that Mr. Porter has done during his eight-year tenure as as superintendent because we have the deepest respect for him.

“The vacancy has been posted statewide and applications are starting to come in. Interviews are expected to begin the first week of October. Applications are due September 30.

The council met in closed executive session for nearly two hours on Friday to discuss with the district attorney disputes involving the council that are the subject of pending or impending legal action and to consider matters that must be kept confidential under federal or state law.

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