12-year-old student from Yulee Middle School faces felony threats

A student told investigators the boy said, “Have you ever hunted in a school, like Nikolas Cruz?”

YULEE, Fla. – A 12-year-old student from Yulee Middle School is facing a felony charge after making numerous threats and mentioning school shootings to students and teachers, according to a report from the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office.

A student told investigators in the report that the boy said, “Have you ever hunted in a school, like Nikolas Cruz?” Cruz is the convicted murderer in the fatal school shooting of Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, Florida.

Other students told deputies the boy said he was going to ‘bring a gun to school and shoot everyone’ and that he was going to ‘shoot the bus’ and that would be “fun to shoot at school”.

A student told officials there was talk of the boy’s grandfather having a gun.

As part of the investigation, deputies located on the boy’s computer numerous images related to neo-Nazis, images of guns and videos of someone being shot in the head, according to the report. There were also numerous search entries made about downed individuals and various memes with racial slurs about African Americans.

The boy was recently arrested for assault and criminal mischief after he spray-painted profane racist messages on a sidewalk.

The sheriff’s office said the boy had been suspended and could be expelled from school.

Parents of other students at the school were keeping their children home for fear the boy would bring a gun to school and cause damage, the report said.

A statement from the Nassau County School District said:

“The district is unable to comment on individual student disciplinary records. The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office, Yulee Middle School Administration, and the Nassau County School District worked together to immediately investigate and thoroughly, once information regarding a threat has been received. The Sheriff’s Office must be commended for their diligence in investigating this matter, which revealed a threat to Yulee Middle School. Their immediate and deliberate actions prevented any chance the threat will be carried out. The District will take appropriate disciplinary action to ensure the safety of our students and staff.”

Martha K. Merrill