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Dowagiac Middle School student suspended after making online threat

Posted at 07:36 on Friday, September 9, 2022

DOWAGIAC — A Dowagiac Middle School student has been suspended following a threat made against the school district, according to Dowagiac Union Schools.

In a bulletin released to DUS families Thursday night, Superintendent Jonathan Whan said the matter was being investigated by the Dowagiac Police Department.

“Tonight we learned that a middle school student was accused of making alarming comments towards the school on social media,” Whan said in the newsletter. “Once aware of the situation, action was taken by school administration and law enforcement.”

The police went to the home of the accused and conducted interviews, searched the property and no weapon was found. Administration has contacted the family stating that the student is not permitted to attend school until further notice, while the district and law enforcement are evaluating and investigating the incident. Transport was informed that the student would not be allowed to take the bus in the morning and that the police would be present at the pick-up point the student normally uses.

Due to the swift action by administration and law enforcement, Whan said it was determined that the district is currently under a low threat assessment and students will be safe. at school. Law enforcement and school officials will continue to investigate this incident.

“Threats or threatening behavior has no place in our schools or our community,” Whan said. “As an important reminder, threats of any kind are against the District’s code of conduct and can result in very serious consequences and possible legal sanctions. These actions are in no way a matter of civility and good citizenship. Remember that the police or school staff can be contacted if there is a problem so that we can resolve the issues as soon as possible.

To submit a tip anonymously online, go to OK2SAY – anyone can report tips about criminal activity or potential harm directed at students, school staff or schools.

“Dowagiac Union Schools counseling staff are available to assist students who may be dealing with the anxiety of this event,” Whan said. “If your child needs help or you have questions about support, please contact your school principal. We appreciate the support of our community and the Dowagiac Police Department in dealing with this situation and moving forward. forward together.

Martha K. Merrill