Big Kid’s Egg Hunt Raises Money for the Johnston High School Student Council


There was a unique and unusual pre-holiday event last Thursday inside Mayor Joseph Polisena Stadium in Johnston.

First, dozens of students from Johnston High School paid $1 – a big dollar as someone suggested – to sit in the stands to watch another group of Panthers who paid $2 to run all over the artificial surface to collect eggs.

Once reunited, student council president Rebecca Clements whistled and the hunt began.


This was all part of the JHS Customization Period designed for students to catch up on missed work, catch up on their course materials, work on their vision for a graduate portfolio or, as in the case of the day, participate at a social event called the inaugural Easter Egg Hunt 2022.

“It was another great event for the students,” said Bob Deming, the popular JHS stadium keeper/keeper, who watched the entire event. “Students are always looking for fun ways to establish new traditions. »

The night before the Easter Egg Hunt, Clements, SC Vice President Charlie Curci and Faculty Advisor Greg Russo – with the great help of Warden Anthony Fellela – placed colorful plastic eggs all over the area of the field and in total darkness for Easter. Egg hunt.

So after Clements signaled the start, the students who paid two dollars to collect as many eggs as possible rushed all over the grounds in the hope of collecting as many eggs as possible, simply because each of the 200 eggs contained cash prizes ranging from $1 to $20 while others had small paper notes for a variety of gift cards ranging in value from $5 to $25 for everything from chocolate bunnies to what Russo called “certificates to restaurants and a number of local stores were among the day’s donors”.

Makayla Scuncio was all smiles when she cracked open one of her eggs and found out she had won $2 cash and a $10 gift card at Panera Bread.

Meanwhile, second-year JHS student Isabella Mejia won a $5 Starbucks gift card, dark chocolate sea salt bunnies and a bag of famous Ghirardelli chocolates.

This was yet another great example of the local business community showing their continued support for JHS student programs and projects.

Likewise, while Russo again helped organize the unique Easer Egg Hunt, Vice Principal Brian Bordieri – who joined JHS administration earlier this year – served as a starter for the two groups of students who ran into the field armed with all kinds of bags and in some cases even used their clothes to store their egg collection.

All proceeds from the hunt will help fund other Student Council events.

Martha K. Merrill