Whiteland high school student killed at school bus stop; Greenwood schools closed after shooting

GREENWOOD, Ind. — Greenwood Police have made an arrest in connection with the death of a 16-year-old student from Whiteland Community High School. They identified the suspect as Tyrique Sevin Radford El, 18.

Greenwood Police confirmed a sophomore was fatally shot at a bus stop in the Winterwood Drive and Providence Drive area (southwest of W. Worthsville Road and the US 31 intersection) around 6:50 a.m.

Witnesses told police the teenager was waiting at the bus stop when someone wearing a black hoodie approached and shot him multiple times in what appeared to be a targeted attack.

The family identified the deceased as Temario Stokes, Jr. His mother says he was the oldest of three children and the family moved to the neighborhood in April.

The suspect is believed to have fled, prompting nearby schools to lock down in Greenwood and Whiteland. These surrounding schools include Greenwood Community High School. Greenwood Middle School and Greenwood Christian Academy.

All Clark-Pleasant schools were also closed to visitors, and no visitors were allowed for the remainder of the school day, according to the district.

Police said the victim had recently transferred to Whiteland Community High School, but did not say which school he last attended.

Clark Pleasant Schools Superintendent Dr. Patrick Spray released a statement on the student’s death:

It is a sad day for the Clark-Pleasant school community. It is with heavy hearts that we report that one of our high school students passed away after being shot near his bus stop earlier this morning near US 31 and Worthsville Road. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends, as well as his classmates and teachers at Whiteland Community High School.

Greenwood Police are handling the investigation, interviewing witnesses and searching for the suspect near the scene. The Clark-Pleasant Police Department is securing all of our school buildings today and additional officers have been brought in to assist.

Clark-Pleasant Community School Corporation will bring in additional mental health and grief counselors to help students cope with this tragic incident, as needed. We’ll have more information about the investigation as we get it.

Dr. Patrick Spray, Clark-Pleasant Community School Corporation

Nearby Resident Account

“I live very, very close. It felt like it was right outside my window,” described a woman who lives near the bus stop.

The woman told FOX59 that she was woken by multiple bangs that she thought were someone working on their roof.

“I was pretty pissed off. I woke up early. It woke up my kid, whatever that sound was.

She says when she learned the shots were likely the gunshots that ended a 16-year-old’s life, she was devastated.

“The guilt and sadness I feel for their families. The fact that I was upset that I was woken up early by the sounds of their child being taken away from them. It could have been any of us. It could have been any of us.

The woman said the community is generally a quiet area, but crime has increased recently. As the mother of a 3-year-old child, she says she worries about the future.

“I think about what the world could look like in 10 years if it continued in this direction. It’s very scary. I know every parent can relate to this…I’m taking a sanity day because I can’t focus on anything at this point other than the senseless violence that’s literally happening right outside my building , which is devastating.

Martha K. Merrill